After The Virus, Financial Carnage Awaits

by David Mark

It is becoming apparent that the world we live in has been shaken to its core. The coronavirus or COVID-19 has changed the way society is functioning and this has pulled the proverbial rug out from underneath the global economy.

Why are things collapsing?

The Western world’s economy is built on leisure. This means that most jobs are connected to restaurants, tourism, sporting events, entertainment, and other activities that involve social interaction. While it’s true there is industry, the bulk of the underbelly of the economy is no longer driven by it. Even the nascent oil industry has now been crushed by cheaper oil prices. This means that as more and more people are driven to isolation, the economy’s weaknesses that so many people including President Trump warned about during his election campaign are now laid bare for all to see.

America’s 21st Century economy requires cultural optimism to not only halt the collapse, but a clear injection of boundless hope to cause it to rebound. Western society’s need for emotional insulation has created a fragile wall that has now been blown open as the reality of a global pandemic set in.

Millennials appear to be ignoring the warnings, while the older generation copes with what can only described as “The End of Days.”

Return To Simplicity

With cheap money and respectable jobs gone for the foreseeable future, what can society do?

In many ways the boundless desire for products and the ability to fulfill this desire at will has created a culture of plenty, but this plenty, this powerful vessel has become broken and now with one whack, like a plague of old, the statue is crumbling.

What society must do now to survive is to return to simplicity. Yearn to have a real connection to family, friends, and neighbors. One must buy only what one needs and disregard the fads and desires of the masses that are being pulled towards the hunger of the dying corporations who require more and more of everyones resources to keep them going.

There was a time when humanity worried only about what was in front of them. The internet has changed all that and opened a door of endless empty products no one needs, but everyone wants.

The economy is based on emptiness. Empty products, empty entertainment, and empty desires. In order to reset, we all must reset ourselves and ultimately return to what matters.

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