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Israel Tackles Coronavirus


Israel has used its experience living in a chaotic region to shift gears and learn how to handle the global COVID-19 pandemic. All reports indicate that we are living in unprecedented times for our generation. But Israel has faced massive national adversity in the past, and is able to focus it’s entire nation on a specific nation-saving goal. So, Israel is indeed better prepared to tackle this.

While it may not exactly be war, Israel’s situation in the Middle East gives it a unique ability to handle a multidimensional crisis like the coronavirus. This unexpected pandemic caught Israel off guard like it has almost every other country.

Still, Israel has been able to slow down the grown of the virus in the country and keep fatalities to one or two per day at the time of this article’s writing. Israel’s innovation engine may not have produced a vaccine just yet, but it gives the government and populace the ability to think outside of the box. Stay tuned – Israel may shock the world and save hundreds of thousands of people in the coming weeks.