Melania Trump calls out media for focusing on her apparel and not her accomplishments

by Leah Rosenberg

Melania Trump is trying to do good in a world where so many troubles exist. And the left chooses to focus on what she wears instead of what she does.

Melania Trump in Africa

Recently, Melania Trump took a trip to Africa and visited different countries and places. She went to an orphanage, hospitals, schools, embassies – she really made a difference. But the Left doesn’t care to cover that news. Instead, they focus on commenting on her apparel. For example, they said a hat she chose to wear was “colonial style.” Is that what’s important? Why does the media focus on that?

The First Lady Speaks Up

Melania Trump stood her ground, despite being constantly attacked by the Left. She said, “And I wish people would focus on what I do and not what I wear.”

Is that such a complicated request? It seems like the Leftist media does not care about important things – and this is just one example.

Who is Melania Trump?

Melania Trump is not only the First Lady, but she is also an immigrant. If the Left really cared about their policies, they would support Melania. She is an immigrant, speaks many languages, and is trying to improve many things around the world. But the Left will ignore all of that – they don’t care about what she represents because they are biased against the President and his wife. They are biased against Conservatives.

It clearly doesn’t even matter if President Trump and his wife save the world. The Left will STILL criticize them!


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