Terrorist kills 2 Jews in a place of supposed coexistence

by Leah Rosenberg

“Palestinian” terrorists have once again murdered innocent Jewish souls. And once again, it was in a place of coexistence between Jews and Arabs.


What is this term “coexistence?” When you google that word, you will find two definitions. Definition one: “The state or condition of living in harmony despite different ideologies or interests.” Definition two: “The state or fact of living or existing at the same time or in the same place.”

The first definition would in theory apply to the Israeli people and the “Palestinian” people. But the problem is that whenever some type of peacefulness exists, a “Palestinian” terrorist comes and destroys it.

Two Jewish lives were destroyed in Barkan where Jews and Arabs were working side by side.

As Ezri Tubi says in his video, “I’ve been living here for 20 years. Unfortunately, there’s no coexistence here, and you know why…because the Arabs don’t want to live with the Jews in coexistence. It’s very simple.”

Another Attack in a Similar Place

A few weeks ago, Ari Fuld was brutally stabbed by a teenaged “Palestinian” terrorist. He heroically shot the terrorist to save others despite being stabbed himself. Tragically, he died from his wounds.

And where was Ari Fuld murdered? Near the Rami Levi supermarket in Gush Etzion – a place where both Arabs and Jews shop. A place where Jews and Arabs supposedly coexist.

Can it Ever Exist?

As Ezri Tubi said, “As long as they keep on educating their children to hate us and the State of Israel, there will be no coexistence.”

Instead of the “Palestinians” teaching their children about life, love, and peace, they teach them about death, hate, and war. And sadly, it will be impossible to create true coexistence with such a society.

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