Media giants are helping this brutal dictator destroy our world

by Leah Rosenberg

Do the media giants care about justice? Do they care about antisemitism? About the violent rhetoric they allow? Apparently not.

Media Giants Are Wrong

Media giants need to rethink what their goals are. If their goals are to allow their platforms to connect people and spread ideas, that is fine. But the problem is that they are allowing the wrong ideas to spread sometimes.

They seem to close down accounts of Conservatives, for example, but apparently, the Ayatollah of Iran is allowed to tweet violent things and call for the destruction of Israel. Something seems off – very off.

Will Twitter take action against Ayatollah Khamenei? Why haven’t they yet?

The Iranian Threat is Real

Does Twitter not think the Iranian threat is real? Do they think it’s a joke? With everything going on in the world, Iran has not stopped threatening Israel and the Western world. And they are not quiet about it. But those who have the power to shut down some of their incitement are not. Twitter has not closed down the Ayatollah’s account. By not closing down such an evil man’s account, they are helping spread their ideas. Does CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey realize that?

Maybe some people think that if they don’t live in Israel, then Iran is not a threat for them. That is completely untrue. The Iranian threat is not only against Israel, it is against all democracies and all those who have a different ideology.

We don’t all have the power to shut down Ayatollah Khamenei’s account. But Jack Dorsey does.

Motivation for Terror
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