His father was a Nazi. He’s a Jew. This is his story.

by Phil Schneider

Can the people of Germany ever be forgiven for what they did to the Jewish people in World War II? First off, the facts. More than 6 million Jews were systematically killed by a movement led by the Nazi party in Germany. It took place between 1939 – 1945, and very few people who lived in Germany were not complicit in the war effort.

The Nazi party swept to power in 1933 without garnering a majority in the elections. But they had enough power to maneuver their way into power, and once they had power, they made sure to consolidate more and more power until they became a fully totalitarian regime in a span of months.

But it is critical to understand that the mass of people in Germany were part of the war effort to take over as much of the world as possible and kill off the Jewish race. The German propaganda machine was extremely effective and did indeed influence the majority of the German people to join in the megalomaniac plans of the Nazi leadership. So now that we are two to three generations after World War II, it is not surprising that so many of the descendants of the Nazis are beyond ashamed of their grandparent’s past. But it is one thing to be ashamed and to ask for forgiveness. It is yet another thing to actually convert and become a Jew. This story is absolutely unbelievable – it is one in millions.

Arab Incitement
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