Mahmoud Abbas tried to fool everyone with this statement

by Leah Rosenberg

Mahmoud Abbas is trying to play the world. He tries to convince them that he is a competent leader. But his statement here is completely misleading.

Mahmoud Abbas’ Misleading Words

What kind of absurd statement did Mahmoud Abbas make here? He acts as if he will no longer uphold any agreements with the US or Israel because of Israel’s potential annexation of parts of Israel that rightfully belong to the Jewish people. But the thing is, did Abbas ever uphold agreements? Has Abbas made any moves toward peace with Israel? No. He sends his people out to murder innocent Israeli men, women, and children. He pays them for killing. Mahmoud Abbas incites violence with his vicious words.

But he acts as if he is now “absolved” of any agreements because of Israel’s potential annexation of areas in Judea and Samaria.

Don’t be Fooled

He is fooling you! Don’t you see? The “Palestinian” leadership wants you to believe that if only Israel would give the “Palestinians” land, then there would be peace. If only the “Palestinians” could have their own state, then there would be peace. They make the world think that Israel is the reason there is so much madness in the Middle East. But that could not be farther from the truth. And Abbas knows that. For some reason, though, the world has been fooled by a fool.

Spoiler alert: The PLO does not want peace and never has. They want to drive the Jews out of the Jewish homeland. But they won’t succeed. And the empty threats of the “Palestinian” leadership will not deter Israel. Abbas claiming that now he will not uphold “agreements” will not scare Israel into giving in to terrorist leaders.

If Abbas plans to send his people out on suicide missions regardless of what Israel does, then Israel will continue to do what it does best: Be a home to the Jewish people.

Dr. Risch

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