Massive and Illegal Show of Support for Israeli Muslim Terrorist Released from Jail

by Leah Rosenberg

Sheikh Raed Salah, an Israeli Muslim, was released from prison after 17 months. Look at the Israeli Arabs who support him and his terror!

Israeli Muslim Terrorist Released from Prison with Crowds of Cheers

These are all Arab Muslim Israeli citizens who are supporting this Israeli Muslim terrorist! He was put in jail for terror incitement, including in connection to a shooting which murdered two border police officers near the Temple Mount.

And these Israeli Arabs are waving Hamas flags, shooting weapons in the air to show their support for him. This is just a sign of the rising escalation of behavior from Israeli Arab Muslim citizens. Yes, they are citizens of Israel, and they are promoting and supporting terrorists.

Look at their nice cars. Why is this important? This highlights the lie of “oppression” living under the Jewish state of Israel. They are definitely not oppressed!

There are no police to enforce traffic laws because the police are afraid of dealing with the violence of the Arab Muslim mob on the roads, and one or two police cars are no match for stopping the traffic violations of a whole convoy of Arab Muslim cars.

Unfortunately, as Israeli authorities continue to appease the rising escalation of violence and law-breaking by Israeli Arab Muslims, the day will come when it will be too much, and the backlash from Israel will be fierce. Not only do Jewish Israelis suffer from this unstoppable Arab Muslim aggression, but so do the Arab Muslim Israeli citizens who know how blessed they are to be Israeli citizens and want to live peacefully together with Jewish Israelis.

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