This is What is Really The Left’s Most Despicable Tactic

by Phil Schneider

Cancel Culture? Is that the worst side of what the left has been doing? Steve Hilton argues that the constant attacks of racism by the Ilhan Omars and other elected members of Congress are the flip side of the cancel culture. But Hilton properly makes it clear that the Right and republican side must do more to make sure that they don’t have aspects of racism among their members of the House too.

It is very effective to say that anyone one disagrees with is a racist, or a homophobe, or an Islamaphobe, etc… Discrediting via labelling is indeed a powerful tool. Donald trump even flipped it around and used it against his political opponents. Yes, it may be funny to hear Donald Trump label Elisabeth Warren as Pocahontas, but it is childish and unfitting for an elected official. When the Left attacks with constant complaints that anyone who doesn’t want to defund the police are racist, then we know this line of thinking has gone way too far.

Civility is being flushed down the drain – especially in political discourse. But its the wicked combination of lack of civility and accusations of racism that have turned every political argument into a horrible slugfest. It is time for a refreshing cadre of leadership that will appeal to the better senses of the American people when arguing their side of an issue. Americans are known for kindness and openness. We need a restart in order to go back to some of the ideals of the founding fathers.

Col. Kemp

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