If you want to love Israel, come to where THIS Jewish shepherd is standing!

by Leah Rosenberg

Some people think the concept of a Jewish shepherd is ancient. But that is far from the truth. Meet the man who has been a shepherd for 40 plus years.

The Jewish Shepherd

People often think of the forefathers as shepherds. It seems like a Jewish shepherd is a foreign concept. That is something people in the Bible were. How does it relate to us nowadays?

But once you listen to this modern Jewish shepherd speak, you will realize how wrong you were. And you will also realize how important it is that he is a shepherd on the land. His message will help you understand the importance of the holy soil of the Land of Israel.

The Fiery Message

The Jewish shepherd’s passionate message about the holy soil of Israel is inspiring. His desire for the land of Israel is so strong. He makes a point that so many people who walk in Israel are walking on concrete. That does not count as the holy soil, according to the Jewish shepherd. People need to come to the actual LAND – the soil. He said, “Our forefathers gave their lives for this soil. All the generations of our people wanted to come back to this soil – not to the cities.” He truly feels that in order to develop a love for the country of Israel, you have to come to the soil, the actual ground. The holy land. And THAT is how you will fall in love with the beautiful, God given land.

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