Kim Jong Un’s warning for 2019

by Leah Rosenberg

Is Kim Jong Un on the way to a more peaceful future or a more threatening future?  This young poker player is a tyrant.  But that doesn’t mean that the most effective way to deal with him is via military means.  It probably ought to be the last resort.  A young tyrant who can press the nuclear button is a super-dangerous thing.  Nuclear proliferation is one of the most serious security issues in the world.  Will President Trump go down in history as the President who contained Kim Jong Un or not?

Armed and Dangerous

Kim Jong Un may be young.  But he is unquestionably armed and dangerous.  Has their indeed been a major shift towards denuclearization?  It is still unclear.  But, as of now, it looks like President Trump has played this poker game well.  But it is certainly too early to make a judgement.  When North Korea starts to look like a more modern country despite being a dictatorship, then we’ll know things are going in the right directions.

Smart Sanctions

North Korea is a poor country.  Will the US sanctions continue?  They should.  But, the US needs to play this one carefully.  The prosperity for North Korea must come at approximately the same time as the denuclearization.  Otherwise, the world may find itself back in the nuclear blackmail corner that Kim Jong Un has used before.


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