Bibi and John Bolton show how strong the US-Israel friendship is

by Leah Rosenberg

The US-Israel friendship is strong – possibly stronger than it has ever been. And just watching this clip of Bibi Netanyahu and John Bolton shows that.

US-Israel friendship

Over the course of history, America and Israel have been strong allies. But throughout the various presidencies, the extent to this friendship has differed. Some presidents offered more support and outward praise, and others offered less. Some understood the Jewish people and the state of Israel, and some had a more difficult time truly understanding.

The Trump administration has shown unprecedented support for Israel. And Israel, her leaders, and her people appreciate it in ways they cannot fully express. It’s about time the relationship got stronger instead of weaker!

Bibi and Bolton

The prime minister of Israel, Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu and US National Security Advisor John Bolton had a wonderful press conference. It truly felt hopeful for the future of the US-Israel friendship. Bibi lists all the things that Israel appreciates about what America has done for Israel in recent years since the Trump administration took over the White House.

John Bolton reciprocates the positive feelings of friendship. Bolton said, “I think in fact, Prime Minister, under your leadership with President Trump, we now have the best US-Israel relationship in our history. And on our side, we’re certainly determined to continue that.” John Bolton strongly defends Israel. It is such a breath of fresh air to hear so much positivity in the friendship between the United States and Israel. Hopefully, it will continue to just get better and better.

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