Australia’s proudest Jew opens up in this exclusive interview

by Leah Rosenberg

Avi Yemini is a one-of-a-kind powerful voice in support of Israel, and the freedom-loving world, from down under.  He properly has been labeled Australia’s proudest Jew.  Avi stands up for Israel and the truth in ways that very few others do.  He is a former Israeli soldier, so when he talks about being a proud Jew, he backs it up with his actions.  He served as a sharpshooter.

Progressive Censorship

Avi Yemini has been censored in a major way.  Facebook has shut down his page of hundreds of thousands of followers, and of subsequent pages he has started. To say the least, he is not a politically correct speaker.  He is one of 17 children from an Orthodox family.  He is not scared of walking into a pro-refugee demonstration and asking them about bringing in white South African farmers as refugees.  What he accomplishes is that he effectively points out the hypocritical nature of so many progressives today.

Avi Yemini cares. He cares about Australia, he cares about Israel and he cares about the issues that should worry many in the freedom loving world. He is not scared to confront those who stand up against these issues. He has a natural knack of approaching people and allowing them to come out looking foolish all on their own, just by asking simple questions.

Yemini is not scared to confront journalists and call them fake news and worse right to their faces. He is properly coined Australia’s proudest Jew. Not everyone likes his message or style, but it is important that we have voices out there standing up for our freedoms like Avi Yemini.

BDS Exposed
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