Leftwing Activists Infiltrate Jewish Homes Near Hebron. Cry to Media about Being “Attacked”

by Avi Abelow

Leftwing activists, from the leftwing Ta’ayush organization, illegally infiltrated Jewish homes in the Jewish community of Mitzpeh Yair, near Hebron, today. The infiltrators then claimed that the residents a”attacked” them, and asked to be evacuated to a hospital. Ta’ayush is a known anti-Israel organization with activists that actively bother IDF soldiers on duty.  In addition, they assist the Palestinian Authority to “catch” Arabs who try to sell land to Jews to then kill them. One of these transactions was caught on tape, at the end of the video below. Watch the videos below to understand how horrible this organization is. Yet, it claims to be a “human rights” organization.


The head of the Har Hevron Regional Council, Yohai Damari, called out today’s illegal infiltration into two Jewish houses by the Tay’ayush organization a criminal activity.  He labeled it a provocative public relations stunt.

“The Anarchist Ta’ayush activists came to support illegal Arab building on Israeli state lands. They chose to disrupt the Shabbat peace of the residents of Mitzpeh Yair.  They entered their homes and photographed them in order to create a provocation.”

What would you do?

“Every healthy person who would have infiltrators burst into their home would act to protect his home and his family and remove the invading criminals. The left-wing activists understood that the army was about to arrest them.  So they asked to be evacuated to the hospital. From an examination we conducted in the hospital, we saw that they were healthy.  Yet they lied to produce headlines in the press against the Jewish settlers.”

“We again call on the IDF and the police to issue orders against the group. They constantly violate the law and harm our communities. Every time they arrive, the Jewish communities suffer from massive burglary and theft.  Yet they allow for massive illegal construction by the Arabs around.”

IDF spokesperson’s Statement

“This morning a number of Ta’ayush activists came to an area where illegal Palestinian construction is taking place near Mitzpeh Yair. After the tools used for construction had been confiscated, the activists went up to the settlement in order to provoke the residents. Then they got into a tussle with the settlers in the area.”

“IDF soldiers in the area declared it a closed military zone in order to prevent further friction and make them leave.  But some of the NGO’s activists refused to leave and violated the orders in the area.”


Just like America and Europe have left-wing anarchists who are anti their countries, anti-law-enforcement and pro-activities against the state, Israel has them too. These are Jewish Israelis who assist Arabs in taking over Israeli/Jewish land and they assist, morally and financially, some of the Arab anarchy and violence against the IDF and Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria.

The activists call themselves “human rights” activists and they are active in “human rights” NGO’s. Ta’ayush is one of these organizations.

Ta’aysuh provocations in action

This organization likes to provoke IDF soldiers and Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria. They then edit the video footage in order to only show the reactions of the IDF and the Jewish residents.  They want to try to make themselves look innocent. Meanwhile, all they do is defame Israel, the IDF and the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria.

Ezra Nawi

In January 2016, Israel’s Channel 2 broadcast footage of Ta’ayush activist Ezra Nawi.  In it, he boasted that he poses as a prospective Jewish purchaser of land from Palestinian Arabs. He then provides the Palestinian National Security Forces with the names and telephone numbers of the Palestinian Arab land brokers who are willing to sell land to him. According to the law of the Palestinian Authority, selling land to a Jew is illegal.  The punishment for the deed – death. In the video at the top of this article, Nawi says “The (Palestinian) Authority catches them and kills them. But before they kill them, they beat them up.”

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