Young Israeli Gymnast Breaks a World Record and Takes the Gold

by Leah Rosenberg

Check out this unbelievable performance by a young Israeli gymnast. After watching what she did, you’ll see why she broke a world record!

Young Israeli Gymnast

Linoy Ashram is a young Israeli gymnast who grabbed everyone’s attention with her poise and talent. It is no wonder that she broke the world record at the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Challenge Cup in Minsk. The record she broke was in the clubs-handling round.

She then continued on and became the champion as she won the gold medal in the competition’s all-round phase.

Israel is making history again!

Boycotting Israel

When Israel wants to compete in world competitions, some people decide to boycott them. That is what happened to a 7 year old girl who wanted to compete in a chess championship in Tunisia. She was finally allowed to participate due to international pressure, but it is just another example of people and nations discriminating against Jews and Israel.

Individuals, political parties, and entire countries try to boycott Israel. Enough is enough! Israel is a free country, yet it has more boycotts and UN resolutions against it than other countries. Countries that murder its own people are not being boycotted the way Israel is. Countries that have terrorist regimes do not get as much attention as Israel does. Why the double standard?

And despite all of this negative attention, Israel still marks the world with its positive accomplishments.

Linoy Ashram, the young Israeli gymnast, is just 19 years old. She is showing the world what Israel is capable of. And she is doing it proudly!

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