Leftist Violence Threatens To Destabilize America (warning: violence)

by Micha Gefen

The divide in America keeps on growing. While the media wants you to believe it is the right which is violent, it is really Leftist violence which threatens to tear apart the country.

What is truly frightening about the growing shift towards violent confrontation among leftist groups is that it is being pushed by a combination of liberal elite actors, media personalities, and politicians.

For example Madonna stated that she has many times “thought of blowing up the white house.”

Former AG Holder tells activists “to kick them in the knees.”

While the Democrats and the media claim it is Trump which is using violent rhetoric, leftists are clearly far beyond him in words, deeds, and tone. From Snoop Dog’s music video where he assassinates President Trump or Jim Carrey in tells about a dream where he had an opportunity to off “President Trump” but woke up too soon, their rants reveal that they are the real inciters.

What is really going on?

The left and their backers are going all out against President Trump because they know that he is being successful at tearing down the administrative state and breaking the parochial classes stranglehold on the economy. For this his poll numbers keep climbing, making the left that much more angry and violent.

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