When Will the UN, EU, and Labor Wake Up About Hamas?

by Phil Schneider

The Hamas may indeed be the elected representatives of the Arabs in the Gaza Strip. However, they are a terrorist organization hell-bent on destroying the State of Israel. They are almost fully funded by Iran and the European Union. But they take the tens of millions of dollars they receive each month and turn it into massive cement building factories in order to build terror tunnels into Israel. The Hamas needs to be defeated, not treated like a modern and legitimate leadership of the Arab people.

There is a path to peace in the Middle East. It is via defeat of the Arab terrorist leadership in the Middle East that threatens Israel and propping up the moderate leadership that accepts the State of Israel. This is at the core of the Trump Peace Plan. It is essentially correct. But, still, most people treat President Trump as disconnected on the Middle East. They are wrong. He is right for realizing that everything that has been tried in the past has not worked, and therefore new directions need to be explored.

But the most important part of the success of any of these ideas is via laying the groundwork with a strong Arab-language attack on the masses of young Arabs in the Middle East. The Readers Digest and short-wave radio may have done more to bring down the Iron Curtain than sanctions against the Soviet Union. The mass of young Arabs need to dream about a happier future if we want them to rebel against their corrupt leadership. The Hamas needs to be brought down from within and without if we want to truly have peace in the Gaza Strip.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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