Lebanese Journalist Speaks The Truth When It Comes To Arab Hatred For Israel

by Gavriel Dan

Nadim Koteich, a well known Lebanese journalist made some unusual statements regarding Israel and the hypocrisy of the Arab world.

For 11 days, the world focused on the Israel Gaza conflict. If all anyone watched was the main stream news and followed Instagram and Twitter “stars” they would assume this was a tremendous large conflict with thousands of dead – killed brutally. While the 200 civilians that were killed (due to Hamas hiding behind them in hopes that Israel would refrain from bombing ) is truly sad, it is a drop in the bucket compared to civilians butchered by other Arabs in wars fought between Arab dictators and despots.

As Nadim Koteich points out in the video above the Arab world fails to point out that it is Arabs that have killed and continue to kill far more of their own compared to anything Israel has accomplished. He goes onto to say that Lebanon has been destroyed because of another’s desire to attack Israel. “Israel is here – that is a fact,” he says in the interview.

One dictator, Bashar Assad has killed hundreds of thousands of innocents in over 10 years of fighting. Yet, anti-semites like Rashia Tlaib make no mention of his atrocities – claiming only that Israel is a genocidal power. If Israel is genocidal then hat does that make Assad?

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