Woman Busts “Palestine” Myth: Father of “Free Palestine” Not Even “Palestinian”

by Phil Schneider

The “Free Palestine” movement is a myth-based anti-Israel’s existence movement. The people who created the movement have never accepted the existence of the State of Israel. They support a One State Plan. One Arab state – “From the River to the Sea.” That means that they support the destruction of the State of Israel. They do not hide this point – they say it loud and clear.

The Hamas-terrorist run government in Israel’s southwestern region is the brother of the Hizbullah movement that sits atop Israel’s northern border. They are both funded heavily by Iran. They have one overarching goal – to destroy Israel. This is nothing new – it is a continuation of the declared goal of the Palestine Liberation Organization – P.L.O. The goal is to destroy Israel. Yasser Arafat and his cohorts used violence to accomplish their goals. At first, they wreaked havoc in Jordan, then in Lebanon, and then within the borders of the State of Israel when Israel let him in in order to make a foolish attempt at reaching a peace settlement with a terrorist.

Peace can be achieved with terrorists – when the terrorists no longer possess the means to be violent. Arafat was neutered by the Sharon government and ultimately became a toothless mini-tyrant in charge of very little. But the next generation of Arafat’s henchmen are basically the same thing as he was. Little has changed in the Middle East as far as the goals and aspirations of much of the Arab population. Israel needs to prop up the forces that are moderate and actually want peace. But the terrorists in our midst must be stopped in their tracks.

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