Labour MP receives vulgar anti-Semitic abuse from Labour supporters

by Leah Rosenberg

Ruth Smeeth faced antisemitism in England. But what makes her case unique is that she is part of the Labour Party. The very same party with an infamous antisemitism record. She had a lot of strength to stand up and speak out!

Who is Jeremy Corbyn?

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the British Labour Party, is no stranger to antisemitism. In fact, people say that he has allowed himself to be a “poster boy for antisemites“. How bad is it? Well, Corbyn attended an event founded by a Holocaust denier. He praised Raed Salah, an Arab and convicted felon who has ties to Hamas. People made antisemitic comments in secret Facebook groups, and Corbyn was part of that group. And so this makes Ruth Smeeth’s comments all the more powerful.

Ruth Smeeth – Member of Parliament

Ruth Smeeth is a British Labour Party politician. She is Jewish and attended the University of Birmingham. Ruth was selected as a Labour Party candidate in 2015. In 2016, she called on Corbyn to resign.

Ruth speaks publically

Ruth knows antisemetism is a big problem. She has received lots of hate mail. Hence, Ruth decided to read some of it in the parliament. The comments were vile, wicked, and with evil intent to harm Jews. Ruth explains: “I stand here today to say that we will not be bullied out of political engagement. We are going nowhere. We stand and will keep fighting until the evils of antisemitism have been removed from our society.”

People received Ruth’s brutal speech with a strong show of support. It is clear that there are many who are against antisemitism. There are many ways to stop antisemitism. Perhaps Ruth just took the biggest step. As she is a member of the Labour Party, led by Corbyn, Ruth spoke up publicly. Corbyn can’t hide from his own party.

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