The answer to Muslim happiness may surprise you

by Avi Abelow

Tens of millions of Muslims have immigrated to Western countries in Europe, North America and Australia over the past few decades. Why? Because they are happier in any country in the world that is NOT ruled by Muslim law.

Misplaced Blame

Who do they blame for that? They don’t blame Islam, they don’t blame their own culture, they don’t blame their own leaders and they don’t blame themselves. Muslims blame the Jews. They blame the Americans. They blame the West that offered them freedom. Think about it. Muslims blame the same countries that they are happy to live in. They are happy to live in a democracy. They are happy to receive welfare. Muslims are happy to take advantage of social services. They are happy to destroy anything good.

In Western countries they can live in prosperity. They enjoy an advanced lifestyle. They can also be idle, violent and lawless. Muslims can take advantage of social services of their host country, and yet despise it and want its destruction. Then they do everything they can to make the place they came to as bad and horrible as the place they fled from.

Better in Israel

They flee from their countries of origin because it is bad for them there. They go to live in a place better than the one they left.

Israel is one of the countries where Muslims are happy. They have freedom of religious worship. Each and every Israeli Muslim has the freedom to work in any career.  They can work as a policeman, judge, and even a politician. Above all, they have the equality to prosper and be happy.

Israel is a beacon of stability standing against the waves of Islam.

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