Labour MP lies to the world when questioned by BBC reporter

by Leah Rosenberg

Richard Burgon completely mislead everyone when questioned by a BBC reporter. The problem with his lies is that the truth was caught on camera.

Burgon Lies to BBC Reporter

In this video Labour MP for East Leeds and Shadow Justice Secretary was questioned about his comments on Zionism. The BBC reporter Iggy Ostanin grilled him. He tried to give Richard Burgon the opportunity to admit the truth that he is against Zionism. That he is antisemitic. And that he is against the Israeli government. But Burgon repeatedly lied. He said he never made such comments. The issue is, he did make abhorrent comments, calling Zionism “the enemy of peace.” Not only did he make those comments, but it was filmed. He can’t deny what he said when it was caught on camera – when anyone in the world can see it.

More Labour Antisemitism

The Labour Party has again showed their true colors. The antisemitism in the party is out of control. Even party members have left because of it! The Labour Party used to be different. But things have changed for the worse. It is bad enough that they exhibit such extreme antisemitism. But it is even worse that they then lie to the public about their beliefs!

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