Israel unveils world’s first 3D-printed heart from human tissue

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel has done it yet again. You can’t even imagine how many lives this 3D-printed heart can save. And the way they did it will blow your mind. Amazing!

3D Heart "Printed" in Israel from 12Tribe Films on Vimeo.

3D-printed heart

The idea of the 3D-printed heart is remarkable. Heart disease is a leading death worldwide for men AND women. And sometimes, the body rejects organ donations. So with Israel’s invention, the body will stop rejecting transplants. Why? Because the organ is made from a person’s own tissue and cells! Although people have attempted to make a 3D heart in the past, they have not done it with cells or blood vessels. That means that Israel is again the first to do something major like this.

So, You Want to Boycott Israel?

It keeps becoming more and more absurd to boycott the Jewish state. Israel keeps giving more and more to the world. They are inundating the world with invention after invention, medical breakthrough after medical breakthrough. Why would anyone choose to not want to benefit from things like a 3D-printed heart? Medicine worldwide is changing because of Israel. They deserve some recognition for that. Maybe just a little “thank you.”

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