Kushner Smashes the “Palestine” Narrative on Al-Jazeera

by Avi Abelow

Breaking down this groundbreaking interview. 99% amazing, but 1% bad news that has a huge impact.

Yes! Finally a well-spoken response to the false narrative called “Palestine” that is based on total lies! Lies that the Arab world, and world leaders, including past American Presidents, have consistory uttered.

Jaded Kushner’s answer reflects the totally new approach of the Trump administration. 

It gets even better…dropping a HUGE truthbomb ignored by all other world leaders, US President’s and so-called “Middle East experts”…

Now comes Kushner’s killer line that shows the reality this plan is based on, yet ends with a note of naiveté which actually highlights the plan’s ultimate failure.  

On the one hand I say thank you Jared Kushner for calling out their narrative of “old claims, old myths and old lies”.

However, his ending is the seed of the plans’ ultimate failure. 

Kushner assumes that there is potential for a “Palestinian” leadership that cares about achieving a good life for the “Palestinians”. 

This is the biggest error of the plan. It accepts the biggest lie of them all, that there is a people called “palestinians”, with the potential leadership interested in a good life. 

Kushner himself is ignoring that there never was a people called “palestinians” with a historic claim to the land of Israel. The term palestinians used to refer to the Jews who lived under the British Mandate of Palestine, and to the Arabs that lived under the mandate as well, but never to a historic nation of Palestinian Arabs with sole claim to the Jewish homeland! 

Why is this a critical omission that kills the deal?

Because The whole cause called “Palestine” was created with one goal, to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. 

Why else would the Palestinian authority keep their own people in refugee camps for 20 years in Judea & Samaria and never do anything for all of their “people” in refugee camps in Lebanon & Syria? 

No, they never have cared and never will care for the life of their “people”. As Kushner said himself, anybody called “palestinian” is a pawn in this century-old battle to destroy Israel. PERIOD!

And now we come to Kushner’s final point which, unfortunately, shows a total disconnect with reality on the ground in the Middle East…

While I agree that this plan is realistic and pragmatic, TOTALLY, yet it ignores one crucial element. It dismissed the fact that this is the Middle East where symbolism trumps pragmatism. Where Islam trumps tolerance and co-existence!

This conflict never has and never will be about a land conflict or security, it is 100% a religious/cultural conflict.

This isn’t Kansas, this is the Middle East. 

While I sincerely believe that Kushner himself sincerely believes everything he is saying, and he truly deserves credit for trying. Ultimately, this plan will fail, and even setting the precedent for the establishment of a state called Palestine on Jewish land, recognized as such by the Trump administration, is a huge mistake and a sign of the plans ultimate failure, potentially extremely detrimental to Israel, leaving future administrations or world leaders to push for the establishment of a state called Palestine, without all the crucial pre-conditions set out in this very detailed and well thought out plan by Kushner & the Trump administration have 

Kushner and his team deserve a huge thank you for finally developing a plan that ignores the lies of the “Palestinian” narrative. However, Ignoring the biggest deception hiding that the whole agenda of the cause called “Palestine” only exists to destroy Israel, foretells the ultimate demise of the plan potentially making the situation even worse for Israel.

FULL Al-Jazeera Kushner Interview

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