Israel is Leading the Way Against the Coronavirus

by Phil Schneider

The Coronavirus is presently the main health issue that is impacting the world. In a matter of weeks, tens of thousands of people have been impacted by it. What started in China is no longer a Chinese issue – it is a worldwide health issue. In a day and age, when hundreds of planes travel out of China every day, it is no surprise that the deadly virus cannot be kept within the borders of China. Is there a solution on the horizon?

Most researchers seem to think that it will take at least 6-12 months till a working medicine will be created that will cure people with the deadly virus. However, that is not clear as medical advances in this field are brand new and have not been tested.

It is no surprise that Israeli medical researchers are on the cutting edge of this issue. Israel has built up a strong track record in the field of helping humanity – whenever there is widespread danger. Israeli medical personnel have traveled to Haiti, Turkey, and many other hot spots after earthquakes placed tens of thousands of people in danger.

Why do they do this? Well, it is a Jewish concept to care about others and to serve as a light unto the nations. So does travelling to the four corners of the earth serve that purpose? Absolutely. But ultimately, the idea of serving as a light unto the nations will occur when the Israeli nation in the Land of Israel lives a model society that will be emulated by all – a society based on justice, loving-kindness and Godliness.

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