Judaism’s Time Management Secret That Makes the World a Better Place

by Leah Rosenberg

Everyone wants to manage their time better. Rabbi Sacks shares Judaism’s tool for time management, and you gotta hear it.

Judaism and Time Management

Even those who are not Jewish greatly benefit from the ideas that the Torah and Judaism have brought to the world. G-d obviously knows what is best for His world. And He has shared the blueprint in His Bible. Everything we need in order to succeed in life is in the oral Torah and the written Torah. Nothing is missing. Including time management! Even seemingly “mundane” things are really not mundane. G-d made it that Judaism reminds Jews and the world to focus on what’s important in life.

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, may his memory be a blessing, explained Torah ideas to the world in such a unique way. He shared Judaism in a way that everyone can relate to. He was a truly special person.

Rabbi Sacks’ speeches and videos seem to always remind us what’s important in life. He reminds us why we are on this world and what our focus should be.

We all have 24 hours in a day. There are 7 days in a week. For everyone – no matter what part of the world they live on. How are we using that time that G-d gave us? How are we giving to others? What are we doing for our families? Are we growing? Are we changing the world for the better? Do we focus on what really matters?

Every now and then, we need to remember to use our time properly. A video like this one reminds us that. Time is precious. Use it wisely.

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