This is Why Israel Voted Netanyahu Again

by Phil Schneider

Benjamin Netanyahu is not just the most experienced Prime Minister in the history of the State of Israel. He is also the smartest leader of a country in the Middle East. Some would argue that he is the best leader of the free world. Many times in the recent past, sitting Democrat Presidents tried very hard to work towards Netanyahu not getting elected.

Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both tried to get Netanyahu elected out of office. Obama’s government gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to NGO’s that worked to bring down Benjamin Netanyahu. This time, America seemed to take a back seat.

As far as Israel’s place in dealing with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, soon-to-be Prime Minister said that Israel must be careful about how to deal with the situation. Specifically, as to the question if Israel supply weapons to Ukraine or not, Netanyahu made it clear that this is indeed a complex issue.

But there is more. The “capitulation” as Netanyahu calls it, to Lebanon of the Lapid administration is a travesty that will need to be undone too. There is much that needs undoing. But even more, there will be new challenges on the horizon and Israel will have an experienced hand at the helm.

Netanyahu endured eight long years of pressure from the Obama administration. Many believe that Netanyahu outmaneuvered Obama by first giving in to Obama, especially on declarations of intentions. But then, once Obama lost his hold on Congress, Netanyahu used Congressional speeches and speeches at the UN to defend his policies of peace through strength. Indeed, it is very comforting to know that Netanyahu is in charge for the foreseeable future. The pride of masses of people has been restored with the reelection of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

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