Jordan is a “moderate” country – but take a look at this interview

by Leah Rosenberg

Is Jordan a moderate Arab country? We want them to be, but then there are interviews like this. The interviewer may even be worse than the Jordanian MP!

Jordan – The Moderate Arab Country

Jordan is known to be a moderate Arab country compared to many other Arab countries. But listen to this interview with Khalil Attieh, a Jordanian MP. There is nothing moderate about him. And there is also nothing moderate about the interviewer. The interviewer does not think that Attieh is doing enough to fight against the Israelis!

In the past, Khalil Attieh burned an Israeli flag in the Jordanian parliament. The interviewer asked: “Why would you burn the Israeli flag?” Attieh’s response: “In order to burn their hearts. When I did it, I understood just how much…” And what did the interviewer say? “Why are we always looking for bogus victories?” He wants more! He wants death, destruction, and to take over the Jewish state.

Take a Look at Radical Countries

If this is how MPs in the more “moderate” countries speak, just take a look at the radical Arab countries. It is frightening! Their leaders promote violence and death to Israel, America, and the entire Western world. And the thing is, even the Muslims themselves in those countries are treated horribly. Living in countries governed by Sharia Law gives these Muslims, especially women, no freedom.

Maybe one day soon countries like Jordan will be fully moderate. But until then, we can’t ignore the truth. That is just dangerous.

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