Joe Biden Wants A New World Order

by David Mark

President Joe Biden spoke at a recent Business Roundtable’s CEO Quarterly Meeting. In his speech he thanked the CEOs for their support in sanctioning Russia. After the 15 minute speech he spoke about the need to lead the coming New World Order that is forming. “Things are shifting,” the President said. “There is New World Order forming and we have to lead it.”

From the days before the beginning of the “pandemic,” a growing number of global elite have been calling for an economic “Great Reset.” The “pandemic” was seen by the elites to be a fantastic tool to help reshape the global economy into a place where “people would be ownerless.” In fact, the “pandemic” is now considered to be the largest wealth transfer in the history of the world that saw the destruction of the middle class.

“The COVID crisis has exacerbated inequalities between the very wealthy and the rest of the population,” said Lucas Chancel one of the lead authors of the World Inequality Report.

With the “pandemic” now finished, a new crisis has developed – the Russia-Ukraine conflict and with it, the rebirth of the need for a powerful NATO and a restructured globe whose direction is no longer after a unified global community, but rather a New World Order fashioned after the bi-polar world that existed in the Cold War.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s annual letter to shareholders outlined how the war in the Ukraine would in fact reshape the global economy. “The Russian invasion of Ukraine has put an end to the globalization we have experienced over the last three decades,” Fink wrote. 

“The magnitude of Russia’s actions will play out for decades to come and mark a turning point in the world order of geopolitics, macroeconomic trends, and capital markets.”

The US and its allies appear to be set using the coming realignment to reshape how their bloc manages itself, while utilizing the East, which includes Russia and China as the forever boogieman they can pin the West’s chronic problems on.

Who Will Israel Stand With?

The current conflict in Ukraine has been used as the West’s trigger for global realignment. In the past, Israel, like its newest partners India and the United Arab Emirates have always attempted to stay neutral in big power conflicts. The Biden administration has now asked each of these, including Saudi Arabia to effectively pick a side.

Interesting enough, India who over the last two decades has warmed up to America despite its historic partnership with Russia, appears to have been given no choice but to remain steadfastly close to its friends in Moscow. After all, the US Administration has threatened to oust it from the Quad and place sanctions on New Dehli for its continued neutrality. India has continued to abstain from condemning Russia as well as continuing to buy oil and gas from Russia.

The Arab Gulf states, like the UAE and Saudi Arabia who have been traditional allies of the USA have now decided to entertain Russian partnership due to America’s desire to push forward a new nuclear deal with Iran. Saudi Arabia itself has reportedly decided to sell its oil directly to China in Yuan, thus breaking the petrodollar’s hegemony.

Israel is in a quandary. Jerusalem has long been seen as America’s strongest and most reliable ally. In return the USA has protected Israel in international forums and with advanced military equipment. However, with Russia stationing a powerful military force to Israel’s north and Israel’s own partners in the region beginning to abandon Washington, Israel has now been given a choice. Unfortunately for the Biden administration, it has made Israel’s choice far more easier with its appetite for entering into a dangerous new nuclear deal with Iran.

Israel, like India and the Arab Gulf states thrived in the era of globalization when neutrality was a virtue. However, in the coming New World Order that Biden and his allies are crafting – Israel may find itself cornered and alone. The Jewish State will be squeezed between two competing blocs that see it as nothing more than a stubborn nuisance.

Israel may have no choice but to pick a side.

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