Joe Biden has Completely Turned his Back on Israel – What Now?

by Phil Schneider

Should Israel work both sides of the aisle in Congress? Well, according to this short video clip, Israel should stop focusing on Biden and the Democrats. The Democrats, historically, have a rather good track record as far as the State of Israel. But over the last few decades, the Democrat Party has adopted a line that recalls one of the worst Presidential periods in recent memory – the Presidency of Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter is well-known and properly known for the historic Peace Treaty that he brokered between Egypt and Israel. The peace treaty has actually held until now. Egypt and Israel have a rather cold peace, but a lack of war for 40+ years is still a major accomplishment in the Middle East. However, Jimmy Carter also pushed Israel against the wall on everything relating to the heartland of Israel in Judea and Samaria. And to this very day, he still thinks that Israel is an occupier that has no right to live in what is historically Jewish land.

Jimmy Carter’s line has been that Israel is occupying “Palestinian” land. This is a lie and the lie is now fast becoming the policy of the entire Democrat Party. However, the basic premise of this video is off. There are still a very significant number of Democrats in Congress who are very pro-Israel. Yes, the Republicans are much more reliable. But, until the Democrat Party formally adopts the ideas of The Squad and AOC, Israel should adopt the bipartisan line and rely more heavily on the Republican side. This is what Benjamin Netanyahu did. He did not speak against the Democrat Party. But he lobbied Congress by using the Republican majority to receive permission to lobby against Barack Obama in Congress. This was an excellent move that enhanced Israel’s stature in America. So, Pence and Haley are correct that the Republican Party is the more pro-Israel of the two parties. But Israel needs the support of any Congressman or Congresswoman. They are the most reliable friends that Israel has in the American political system to rein in the Executive Office.

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