Israeli Couple Released from Turkey Jail After Accused of Being Spies

by Leah Rosenberg

Last week, an Israeli couple was jailed in Turkey while on vacation. They were falsely accused of being spies. Thank Gd, they returned home.

Israeli Couple Released from Turkey Prison

What a terrifying situation! A vacation gone wrong. This Israeli couple was in Turkey, and they were arrested on false charges. The couple was accused of being spies! What was their “crime?” They photographed Erdogan’s palace. Natali and Mordy Oknin are innocent, and thank G-d they were released from the Turkey prison after a week of being there. There were fears that they would have been there for years before the situation was resolved.

It is absolutely insane that in Turkey you need to be so careful about what you photograph; that something innocent can potentially cause an uproar.

Thank G-d these innocent people did not have their lives ruined as political pawns by Turkey. Hopefully, Israel did not have to pay any diplomatic price for getting them freed. 

Turkey used to be Israel’s greatest ally in the region, but that all changed under the current political leadership of Erdogan. He turned Turkey into one of Israel’s biggest enemies in the region, second only to Iran. Hopefully, Israeli tourists will learn the lesson and stop vacationing there and potentially endangering themselves like this couple.

Let’s hope a situation like this never happens again.

Dr. Risch

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