Watch: Hasidic Rabbi Gives Shoes off His Feet to Barefooted Man on NYC Subway

by Leah Rosenberg

There are no words for how special this is. A Hasidic Rabbi gave up something for a man he didn’t know. And he tells us why.

Video of Hasidic Rabbi Giving His Own Shoes to Man in Need

There are a lot of things you see everyday on the NYC subway. And then there is something unique and special like this. Most people would see a man without shoes and do nothing about it. Yes, they might feel very badly for the man and hope that he gets what he needs. But how many people would take their own shoes off their feet and give it to the man? Well, this Hasidic rabbi did just that.

Rabbi Gabriel Benayon is part of a Hasidic sect known as Chabad. He is a Rabbi in Panama City but was visiting New York for an annual conference. And he most definitely made a difference during his time in New York City. He not only gave someone a pair of shoes, but he gave the man hope and love. He showed others on the subway how to give. And he also made a Kiddush Hashem – he sanctified G-d’s name in public. He acted like a true Jew should act. Rabbi Benayon showed everyone on that subway how Jews are kind. And the video made its way across the internet – so not only did people on the subway see how kind the Jewish people are, but anyone who watched the video saw as well. And they saw his response of why he did what he did.

It is people like Rabbi Gabriel Benayon who make the world a better place.

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