One Hasidic man used his musical talent to transform a subway station

by Leah Rosenberg

Meet Joey Newcomb. Take a look at him, and you’ll see a Hasidic man. But wait until you see what he did at a subway station!

A Subway Station in NYC

If you have ever been in a subway station in New York City, you know it is filled with interesting people. People of all different colors and faiths. People from different countries. It can really be a fascinating experience.

Another thing that you will encounter at subway stations are people singing and playing instruments. Sometimes, the musicians are quite talented and entertaining. Often times, passersby just walk by. They do not stop to enjoy. But other times, they can’t help but to pause for a moment and take it all in!

Joey Newcomb

Joey Newcomb is an up and coming Jewish musician. His goal? To spread love and make people happy. He is genuine. He is real. And he is talented. To get people to stop and enjoy the music being played in a subway station takes a certain type of personality. And Joey has that personality. He radiates everything he believes in. And it is truly a beautiful site!

Music has a remarkable power, as Newcomb says. It can even transform the station at Union Square! Joey used music to help people passing by start off their day with happiness and thanking God. It seems that he succeeded. The responses and smiles spoke for themselves.

Giving the Money to Charity

Not only did this talented Hasidic musician uplift a subway station, but he used the money he collected to uplift a poor person as well.

Everyone can learn a lesson from Joey Newcomb. We can all use our talents and abilities to help others and bring smiles to the faces of those we encounter – even if they are strangers.

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