Things you don’t expect to be sung at a New York subway station

by Leah Rosenberg

There are things that you expect to happen at a New York subway station, and there are things you don’t. What this woman sang was definitely unexpected!

New York Subway Stations

New York Subway Stations are fascinating. They are weird. They are filled with surprises. In these stations, you can really expect almost any song to be sung and any dance to be danced. You can expect that abnormal things will occur, but they will feel normal when it’s a subway station.

But then there are some things that really just surprise you. You can walk in knowing that strange and uncommon things are bound to happen, yet there are still those few moments that will catch you by surprise. And THIS moment is one of those moments!

Hatikvah at the Subway Station

Yes, you heard it correctly. The Jewish national anthem was actually sang by someone in a New York subway station. It is surprising to say the least! In a world where so many are calling for Israel’s destruction and boycotting the Jewish state, it is a breath of fresh air to hear someone singing Hatikvah. It is a public way of supporting Israel. Not to mention it sounded absolutely beautiful! Moments like these give a little bit of hope. It often feels like everyone is against Israel. But then you walk into a subway station and hear this…

So the next time you are planning to take a ride on a New York subway, do not be shocked if you hear songs like Hatikvah!

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