Jewish Settlers Saved an Arab Muslim Boy and the Media was Silent

by Avi Abelow

A seriously injured Arab Muslim boy was brought to the gates of the Jewish settlement of Efrat to help save a child and we did. This is just one of the many stories of positive coexistence in Judea & Samaria that the media does not report. They prefer to only report on stories that make us Jewish settlers look bad. The media is derelict in their duty on actually reporting the facts on the ground. Instead, the media is reporting through their anti-Israel bias. Well, here is one recent story you should know about, to understand the true situation here in Judea and Samaria.

Last Wednesday evening, a number of Arab Muslims from the Arab Muslim village of Wadi Nis in the Judean Hills arrived at the southern gate of the Jewish town of Efrat. They were carrying a boy from the village who had fallen from the second-floor balcony of his home and was severely injured.

Efrat is known to have a high number of doctors in addition to having a regional medical center that services the Jewish and Arab residents of the area.

Usually, Arabs gather to protest and use violence. So the first response came from Efrat’s emergency security team to ensure that everything was safe. Once they realized that the Arab mob came to Efrat with a boy for medical treatment, the special medical team of Efrat was immediately called to the scene. The Jewish Efrat paramedics then provided the Arab Muslim boy with the initial treatment at the scene and then moved him to the emergency operating room at the Efrat regional medical center. At the medical center, the boy received a more thorough care. Eventually the boy was evacuated to a hospital.

The Mayor of Efrat, Oded Revivi, thanked the members of the security and rescue forces and added that he is proud of the assistance Efrat provides to the neighboring Arab Muslims and proud of the residents who saved a life.

Too bad the mainstream media prefers to ignore stories like these that highlight the potential life of coexistence between Jews and Arab Muslims in Israel, Judea and Samaria.

Veteran AP Journalist’s Inside Story on how the press distort the Israel story

Arab Incitement
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