Muslim woman shocks everyone with her message at the Western Wall

by Leah Rosenberg

The world creates so much controversy over the Kotel, or the Western Wall. Listen to what this Muslim woman has to say, and it’ll all be clear.

Kotel – The Western Wall

The Western Wall, or the Kotel as the nation of Israel refers to it, is the wall outside the Temple that remained even as the Jewish Temples were destroyed. Although the Temple has not yet been rebuilt, the Jewish people pray at the Kotel in the hopes that soon it will be rebuilt with the coming of the Messiah.

The Kotel is a prayer site right outside the Temple Mount for thousands of Jews all over the world. The Temple Mount is where the Jewish Temples stood thousands of years ago and where the last and final Temple will stand as well.

Do the Jewish people discriminate against others who want to come to the Western Wall?

Muslim Woman’s Message at the Kotel

There is no better person to ask than a Muslim woman if the Jewish people discriminate. The world claims that Muslims are treated unfairly in Israel.

But Sara Zoabi, a Muslim woman who actually supports the Jewish people and Israel, does not feel any ounce of discrimination.

You can see in the video how people do not mind that there is a Muslim woman at the Kotel. Everyone is there to pray and think, and she does not receive one look of disapproval.  Why doesn’t the media show THIS? Why are the news outlets ignoring the truth?

Zoabi publicly shares this message because she wants people to know what Israel is all about. She even believes Israel should have a Jewish state in their homeland – Israel – and she is not afraid to say it.

Listen to what she has to say – because it is important for everyone to know.

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