U.S. Ambassador to Israel sees God’s miracles in his work

by Leah Rosenberg

The U.S. Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, is an Orthodox Jew himself. He believes in god. And that is why he sees God throughout the work he does.

U.S. Ambassador to Israel

The U.S. Ambassador to Israel plays an important role. Being an ambassador in a region that is so filled with politics and conflict can be draining.

But when it involves being in a place that your people call Home, then it is that much more meaningful.

And for David Friedman, a Jew himself, being the U.S. Ambassador to Israel is the perfect position.

He values the country and the people because Israel is HIS country and the people of Israel are HIS people.

Seeing God’s Hand in Everyday Life

It is part of human nature to NOT see God in everyday life. It is natural for many to assume things happen by chance. Trees grow because they grow, there are conflicts and wars because that’s the way of the world, etc. But the truth is, everything is in God’s hands. The good and the seemingly bad. The trees growing. The rain falling. Everything is and should be attributed to God.

And that is David Friedman’s view. He tries to see God in all his work.

It is such a blessing to have a U.S. Ambassador to Israel who is so supportive of the Jewish state and the Jewish people; who believes in God and sees God in everyday life.

Friedman has a painting remembering the sin of the spies in the Bible. Why does he have the painting? He said “I’ve got this painting to remind me that the one sin I hope not to commit while I’m here is the sin of the spies – not to have faith, confidence, and vision. I think those are the qualities that really are essential for me to do my job the right way.”

He also said, “…I cannot help but see the majesty of God’s work and all the miracles that happen in this incredible country.”

What a unique ambassador!


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