Jewish Music Superstar Nissim Black’s Most Powerful Music Video

by Leah Rosenberg

Nissim Black is one of a kind. This Jewish music superstar has a unique way of connecting to G-d. And that’s why he is so popular.

Jewish Music Superstar Nissim Black

There is something extremely genuine and real about Nissim Black. He wants to find ways to connect to His Creator. And it is most definitely not always easy. Black sings openly and honestly. It’s okay to struggle. We all struggle – we are human. This Jewish music superstar gives himself and others an outlet and a way to speak about that struggle; a way to work through it.

Life is a journey. People are always trying to find their own ways to navigate the ups and downs of life. Many turn to music to help them when they don’t know where to turn. Music speaks for itself. It can bring comfort and optimism. Music can be therapeutic.

It is beautiful that there are so many genres within Jewish music. Everyone connects to different music. It is not so common to have a person like Nissim Black in the Jewish music world. He is a convert and grew up in a completely different world than most Jews. And yet, so many people relate to his music and his lyrics. Because humans crave honesty. People want to feel accepted. And when someone like Nissim Black sings about something that they can connect to, they feel they are not alone. They feel that acceptance that they were craving. It is truly a remarkable thing.

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