ISRAEL’S NEWEST ALLY? Russia Turns On Iran

by David Mark

In the Great Game that has been churning in the Middle East, Putin’s Russia is beginning to grow wary of Iran’s involvement in Syria.

At the height of the Syria war when all seemed lost for Bashar Assad, Vladamir Putin sent troops into Syria and took control of Syria for its Allawite ruler. At the same time, Iranian forces took advantage of the chaos and entered Syria in order to grab territory that would allow to arm Hezbollah directly as well as attack Israel.

Putin allowed the Iranians to push out the Western funded Sunni radicals as it helped his forces focus on Turkish supported insurgents and ISIS. At the same time Putin also allowed Israeli forces a free hand against Iranian bases and troops that were a threat to the Jewish state. In this way, Israel was able to act as a check for Putin against the machinations of the Iranian regime.

Now Putin has had enough. With Syria safely back in Allawite hands, Iran is much more of a nuisance than being helpful. However, besides Iranian intransigence, Putin’s push back on Iran serves as an opening invitation to Israel to work directly with Russia. After all, Putin sees just how weak Biden is. If the USA is willing to fold in the face of Iranian expansion, perhaps Putin can be the real stabilizer in the region.

With chaos in Israel’s political system, and an antagonistic America, Israel may decide to begin to pivot away from the West. Putin may not be trustworthy, but when it comes to the disintegration of the West – he is at least stable.

Then again, maybe the real message here, is that it is time for the Jewish State to rely on the only thing it can – its Father in Heaven.

Dr. Risch

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