Right-Wing Religious Jew Shocks The Leftist media With His Work At The Gaza Border

by Phil Schneider

The Nation of Israel is filled with idealists who are bringing light to the Middle East and the entire world. This short documentary features one simple man who is doing something that is emblematic of what the entire State of Israel stands for. He wakes up in the morning and saves lives. He is not a Doctor, nor a soldier anymore. But he realized that there is a humanitarian crisis less than 10 minutes away from him and he can do his part to help them.

If anybody claims that there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, they are correct. But if anybody claims that the cause of the crisis is Israel, they are deluding themselves. For decades, hundreds of millions of dollars in humanitarian aid have poured into Gaza. But the money has largely gone into the hands of a select few that rule the area through brute force. Those thugs have used most of the money to build a comprehensive terrorist infrastructure in order to wreak havoc on the State of Israel. They are proxies for Iran and use their own people as human shields when they attack Israel. They purposely place missile launching pads in or beside hospitals so they can blame Israel for destroying hospitals. These are not people who protect their own people – they endanger their own people. This is typical of nearly all totalitarian countries. Gaza is self-ruled, but instead of building up hospitals and schools, terror tunnels are worked on day and night.

Note that what this special soul does is he brings sick Arab people to receive treatment in the State of Israel in whatever hospital they choose – often driving for hours to bring people to where they choose to receive treatment. And yes, he believes that this is Our Land. He believes that the Jewish people are the rightful owners of the Land of Israel. But that does not preclude helping the suffering minorities who’s corrupt leadership denies their own basic medical needs. A small light for the whole world – one of countless stories of great people in the Land of Israel today.

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