Two Jewish singers showed the world exactly how to praise G-d

by Leah Rosenberg

It can be hard to praise G-d when things feel grim. But these Jewish singers taught everyone the secret to praising G-d.

Jewish Singers Praise G-d in Uplifting Song

How can one praise G-d? Well, of course there are many different ways. People connect do different things – poetry, music, nature, and more. But one thing is universally true: Gratitude brings one to praise the Master of the Universe. And that is what this song is all about. These Jewish singers, Ari Goldwag and Dovid Pearlman, showed how one can bring themselves to sing out to G-d. If we think about all the things we have in our lives, anything from eyesight to a house to children, thanking and praising G-d will come more easily.

And gratitude is exactly how Jews start each and every morning. Jews begin their day with the prayer of “Modeh Ani” which in simple words thanks G-d for returning a person’s soul in the morning. That is a perspective that can change one’s life.

The Lyrics

It can seem so hard to
See the brighter side of things
But when I look I find You,
Master of Everything,
The sunshine, the thunder,
It all makes me wonder
what tomorrow’s gonna bring,
So I sing to You…

I can spend forever,
Singing for Your name,
‘Cuz everything gets better,
The more I grow and change,
The sunshine, the thunder,
It all makes me wonder,
If I appreciate,
So I sing to You…

Ashira Lashem B’chayai
Lashem ki gamal alai.

I thank you all of my life
Ashira Lashem B’chayai
My heart is alive inside
Lashem ki gamal alai.

Now everything is changing
Moving at a lightning speed
Just gotta keep on gaining
move up and take the lead
wake up from my slumber
climb out from under
to where I wanna be
so I can sing to You.

It’s not something so easy
To look at just where I’ve been
But if I’m all too busy
I gotta start thinkin’
wake up from my slumber
climb out from under the darkness that I’m in
so I can sing to You.

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