Deep in Israel’s Negev desert, something unique is happening

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel is building a new international airport in the Negev desert! Scheduled to open in early 2019, it will allow tourists to see Israel and beyond.

The New International Airport

The Ilan and Assaf Ramon International Airport is the name of Israel’s new airport. The name is for the first Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon who tragically died in the Space Shuttle Columbia catastrophe in 2003. The airport is also named for his son, Assaf, who sadly was killed in 2009 when his F-16 fighter jet crashed.

Features of the Airport

The airport’s security will be top-notch just like Israel’s main airport, Ben Gurion International Airport.

Popular airlines plan to fly into this airport.

And there is supposed to be a nonstop, 10 minute railway line to connect the Ramon airport to Eilat! That means that tourists can easily reach popular tourist attractions. Also, because of the airport’s location, tourists can visit places like Petra, Jordan!

Here is another amazing aspect about the airport. Because of the natural beauty of the Timna Valley in which the it is being built, Israel’s new international airport is being developed with all natural materials! They want to preserve nature while also building an innovative airport.

Israel Always Reaches Higher

Israel is always trying to improve. They invest time, energy, and money into enhancing and bettering the country. Whether its new inventions, medical breakthroughs, or a new international airport, Israel doesn’t ever settle for mediocre. The country and its people work harder and harder to reach new heights. This new international airport is just an example of that.

Israel has only been in existence for 70 years, yet they have accomplished things that many other countries haven’t even come close to accomplishing. Israel’s achievements are certainly commendable and countries all over the world should recognize them!

So, make sure you book your next flight to Israel and fly into The Ilan and Assaf Ramon International Airport!

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