What Americans don’t understand about Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Living in Israel is not like living in America. And because of the stark differences, Americans can’t understand certain things about Israel.

Life in Israel

Life in Israel is different than life in America. The people are different. The laws are different. Even the food is different! Israel is a beautiful country, and so is America. The two countries of course have some similarities. They are both democracies, they both have a diverse population. The list can go on.

But some things are quite different. And those differences are things that Americans will not be able to understand. Only if they visit Israel can they possibly get a small glimpse of what Israelis feel. Maybe.

So many outsiders judge Israel for what happens on a daily basis. But do they understand? Do they feel what Israeli children at the Gaza border feel? Or even children anywhere else in Israel. Israeli men, women, and children all live with the reality that Israel’s enemies want to destroy them.

What Americans Can’t Understand

Americans can’t understand the constant threat that Israelis feel. Israel has suffered terrorist attacks, missile attacks, rock attacks and war since its rebirth in 1948. And even before Israel was officially recognized as a state by the international community, it still suffered from attacks.

Aubrie Jaworowski, a 21 year old from Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, is an American who described what it was like being in Israel. She said, “When you get an alert on your phone saying that there’s been a missile attack about an hour away from you, it’s something that you don’t really understand and you can’t understand as an American because things like this don’t happen to us.”

Her takeaway message from being in Israel is to support Israel. She wants people to defend Israel when Americans say things against Israel.

Try to understand. And most importantly, defend and protect Israel’s right to exist.

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