Israel’s Left is Whitewashing Terror Supporters in Our Parliament

by Avi Abelow

I interviewed Maurice Hirsch who is head of legal strategies at Palestinian Media Watch.

Maurice Hirsch tweeted about the Joint Arab list from its own election manifest. This is what Gantz, the leader of Blue & White, and his henchmen are white-washing…

The Joint Arab list aspires to end the occupation of the Palestinian, Syrian & Lebanese territories conquered in 1967- i.e. Give Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria to terror supporting PA & Golan to Assad & his chemical weapons.

The Joint Arab list aspires to dismantle all the settlements & the racist separation wall – i.e. Uproot 500,000 Jews, create a Judenfrei area & dismantle the Security fence that stopped the flow of Palestinian suicide bombers into heart of Israel civilian population.

The Joint Arab list aspires to free all the political prisoners– i.e. “political prisoners” is the euphemistic term they use to describe terrorists, including mass murders like Abdallah Barghouti.

The Joint Arab list aspires to establish a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital & to achieve a just solution to the problem of the refugees that will guarantee their right to return according to resolution 194 – i.e. flood Israel with 6 million refugees.

The Joint Arab list will work to abolish the laws & plans of recruitment to the IDF and civilian service. i.e. Abolish Israel’s right to defend itself.

The Joint Arab list will affirm the right of the Palestinian people to struggle against the occupation & for freedom, since it is a lawful & just struggle for liberation, based on universal values & international law i.e. They support Palestinian terror against Israel.

The Joint Arab list will struggle to end the blockade on Gaza that is against human rights & international convention. i.e. They support allowing Hamas to build its weapons arsenal. BTW, Israel’s blockade of Gaza was declared legal even by a UN panel.

The Joint Arab list will stand against the initiatives to Judaize Jerusalem, including the digs underneath the Al-Aqsa compound and the attempts to divide the time & area between Jews and Arabs. i.e. Deny the rights of Jews to access & pray in Judaism’s holiest site.

The Joint Arab list rejects the Israeli demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish State. i.e. That just speaks for itself!!


The Joint Arab list will work to abolish the “Nation State” law, i.e. The law that defines Israel as a Jewish country whose flag is whose anthem is Hatikva and whose language is Hebrew.

The Joint Arab list will work to abolish the laws annexing Jerusalem & the Golan [heights] and laws that contradict the rights of the Palestinian refugees. i.e. Return Israel to the 1947 UN partition plan, flooded by millions of Palestinian refugees.

These are just some of the positions of the Joint Arab list that undermine the existence and safety of Israel.

It is these positions that bring @netanyahu to reject the Joint Arab list as partners in running the JEWISH STATE.

One Leader of the Joint Arab List

Full Interview with Maurice Hirsch

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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