Final Steps of Left-Wing Judicial Coup Taking Place in Israel Right Now

by Avi Abelow

The final steps of a Judicial coup are going on right now in Israel!!! The left smells blood and they are changing all the rules, with the backing of the Supreme Court, to make it happen! Watch the deep dive to understand the latest developments.

Israel’s Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, also a former prisoner of Zion in the former USSR, today resigned his position as Knesset Speaker. His resignation is a statement to the justice system that the Supreme Court’s latest ruling, forcing him to hold a parliamentary vote, was illegal, oversteps their jurisdiction and damages Israeli democracy. He resigned in order to exempt himself from following the Supreme Court’s ruling.

“On Monday this week, the High Court ruled that the Speaker of the Knesset must call on a vote this week for the election of the new Knesset Speaker.
The HCJ decision is not based on the language of the law, but on a unilateral and extreme interpretation. The decision of the High Court destroys the work of the Knesset. The High Court decision constitutes a gross and arrogant intervention of the judiciary in the affairs of the elected legislature. The High Court decision infringes on the sovereignty and sovereignty of the Knesset.

As a Democrat, as a Jewish-Zionist, as a person who struggled against dark regimes, and as the Speaker of the representatives body, I hold that the Supreme Court’s decision is a wrongful and serious decision, which will lead to a dangerous eclipse.

As someone who has paid a heavy personal cost of years of imprisonment and hard labor for the right to live as a citizen of the State of Israel, no explanation is needed as to how much I love the State of Israel and the people of Israel. Therefore, as a Democrat, as a Jewish-Zionist, as a person fighting against dark regimes, and as chair of this House, I will not allow Israel to deteriorate into anarchy. I will not lend a hand to civil war. I will act in the spirit of Menachem Begin who in June 1948, during the Altalena days, prevented civil war.

Members of Knesset, citizens of Israel, these days our people need unity, need a unity government. These days, when an epidemic threatens us from the outside and the cleavage rips us from the inside, we must all act as human beings, we must all transcend. We must all unite.

Therefore, for the State of Israel and in order to renew the state spirit in Israel, I hereby resign from my position as Speaker of the Knesset. We will pray, and even act, for better days. 

Rabbi & Veteran Israeli Politican Reacts

Rav Chaim Druckman, the head of the Bnei Akiva world movement and former MK for Mafdal reacted to Edelstein’s resignation:

“I think he behaved well. I want to congratulate him for not opening the Knesset session as chairman, as the legal dictatorship contravened the Knesset’s laws and regulations. He is maintaining respect for the Knesset and its independence, respecting Israeli democracy against the judicial dictatorship.”

Rabbi Druckman adds, wondering at the very step taken by the Supreme Court against Edelstein: “What kind of intervention? Without hearing it, they wrote a pre-judgment contrary to any standard of justice, but beyond that, how does the judiciary intervene in the legislature? “

In his remarks, Rabbi Druckman emphasizes that “this is not a situation where the chairman acted unlawfully giving the judicial room to intervene. The Speaker is following the law and the Supreme Court gives him order to execute their rule within 48 hours, what is this? I support him for respecting the Knesset’s independence and the independence of Israeli democracy. His resignation is the only step he could have taken and so he did. “

And Rabbi Druckman, referring to the moves that led to Edelstein’s resignation decision: “There has never been such a tragic takeover of the Knesset. There has always been agreement on the regulating committee and committees, even when there was a coalition and opposition, which is not the case here when the Jewish majority did not vote for ‘blue and white’. The majority of Israelis voted for the right block.

” They are a minority against the right-wing block of 58 seats. They are enlisting the support of a party of terror supporters who oppose the State of Israel as a Jewish state. How can you collaborate with them? It’s called a majority! The overwhelming majority of the Jewish people voted the opposite, so how can one take control against that majority? “

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