A British Muslim Visits Israel For The First Time: His Shocking Reaction Will SHOCK You

by Phil Schneider

Why would a Muslim from England decide that Israel ought to be supported and not bashed? It is not due to his Muslim religion, but due to his Western value system. Many Muslims from outside the Middle East live in Westernized countries. There, they are inculcated with many Western liberal values. Once they adopt those value systems, they have taken the first step towards taking on a positive view towards Israel.


It is hard to have a negative opinion about the State of Israel if someone is a genuine liberal. Allan Dershowitz’s book is one of the best on the topic – from the vantage point of a liberal. However, in today’s day and age, liberalism has been replaced by so many young people with narrow or close-minded progressivism. The progressive minds are not focused on facts as much as feelings. So, do facts even matter to them? Very little.

So, a two-pronged approach needs to be taken with young progressive-oriented people. First off, we need to work on convincing them just how wrong it is to ignore facts at the expense of hurt feelings. But, even with those who place feelings at the top of the decision-making pyramid, we need to focus on the “feelings” side of the Israeli-Arab issue. What about the feelings of Israeli children attacked by Arab terrorists through terror tunnels? Moreover, should the cement for the tunnels be funded by US and European taxpayers? We need to use facts, feelings, and anti-progressive arguments in order to combat anti-Israel sentiment.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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