Republicans Lambast Democratic Lawmakers Over Politicizing Corona

by Phil Schneider

When historians look back to this time period, they will scratch their heads and ask, “Why did it take so long for the US to act in order to save the economy?” It will be hard to understand the gridlock between Congress and the Senate. But, the little things that are going on now in reference to passing the urgently needed bill that will literally save the jobs of tens of millions of people who are in the small business sector are truly little things. But that is the way of a democracy like the US three-house legislature. It is excellent that there are checks and balances. But in certain times of dire need, the checks and balances work against the greater good.

Many are calling the controversial acts of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a usurping of power. After all, Bibi has basically shut down the country in order to save the lives of as many people as possible. There is clear logic in everything that he has done. Yet, the moves most certainly are drastic. On the other hand, almost all health officials agree that his quarantine more and more policy will save the lives of hundreds – if not thousands – of people.

This is why the moral character of our leaders is so very important. Approximately 50% of the United States population sees President Trump as a morally corrupt person. Even many of his supporters who voted for him once and will again are not impressed with many of his attitudes towards his detractors. President Trump has both been the greatest supporter of the State of Israel and a hugely dividing personality in the American public. He can’t even talk about Corona without taking potshots at Democratic leaders who have spoken out against him. Yes, Congress is filled with progressive overreach on the Democratic side. But, the hugely partisan way that political discussions in America operate under has proven to be so costly in these trying times. The Democrats ideology is part of the problem. But the rancor between Republicans and Democrats is also a major issue – and that is not merely a result of progressive overreach.

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