Israel’s Government Goes Into Panic Over Newest COVID “Variant”

by David Mark

There has been a concerted effort by the Israeli government (Netanyahu’s and Bennett’s) from the beginning of the coronavirus “pandemic” to project some sort of control over what they claim is a “State of Emergency” regarding COVID-19.


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The fact is, there seems to be a new state of emergency “necessary” almost exactly when the public has reached the point of cognitive dissonance in connection to government edicts. The newest COVID-19 “variant” publicized before Shabbat appears to be no different.

Prime Minister Bennett admits that this newest variant was already assumed to be a possibility 2 weeks ago when Israel practiced “war games” in preparation for it. “Now we see a variant that spreads fast and requires us to respond faster,” PM Bennett said in a press conference just before Shabbat.

This of course is one of countless variants that have been used by Israel’s government to stoke fear in the public and its patience is wearing thin. Despite the current government’s claim that the last “wave” was defeated by the booster shot campaign, less than half the country received the booster. In fact, far fewer people decided to get the booster after the second shot than the government expected.

With the latest variant supposedly being able to evade the vaccine and many people seeing no great reason to inject themselves with an experimental medical test, Israel’s public by and large is beginning to wonder if the minority of people who questioned the government’s approach from the beginning may have been correct after all.

This can be seen in the widespread laxity in following government rules on social distancing and masks in enclosed spaces. Little or no enforcement is taking place and it appears that the trajectory is continuing. More and more young people are joining anti-green pass protests and prominent politicians are asking questions concerning the giving of vaccines to children.

The fact is, the government has been using COVID-19 from the beginning, to grab more and more control over the public. With each new “variant”, more control is deemed necessary to hand over to the government. The question now is, has Israel’s populace woken up before it is too late?

The coming weeks will decide.

Col. Kemp

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