Israel’s Eurovision Entry Has Left the World Speechless

by Leah Rosenberg

Wow is all there is to say. Israel’s Eurovision entry is unbelievable. The song, the video – the whole thing is beyond powerful.

Israel’s Eurovision Entry is Mind-Blowing

How can you not be moved when you watch Israel’s Eurovision entry? It’s truly inspiring and powerful beyond what words can describe. The combination of the video with the song will leave you in awe.

It’s mind-boggling that the world hates Israel so much that there are those trying to stop Israel from participating in Eurovision. The fact that people would threaten an innocent Israeli girl of just 20 years old for wanting to participate in this competition is disturbing. Eden Golan is representing Israel in this year’s Eurovision. Why should a 20 year old Israeli have to face such backlash in a singing competition? Why can’t the world realize how twisted things are?

And if you listen to what she’s singing about, it really is inspiring. Why doesn’t the world see who the Jewish people are and what they represent? We don’t sing about murder and hatred the way our enemies sing. Look at music videos produced by Hamas and all our other enemies. They are to incite hatred and violence. And our songs are far from that.

Wake up and look at the truth. The world depends on it.

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