Bibi Shows Blinken Whose Boss As IDF Begins Bombing Rafah

by David Mark

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has spent a good portion of his trip to Israel begging Hamas to accept the latest hostage deal. Ignoring for a moment the fact that Blinken is actually willing to essentially beg Sinwar for help, the question really is: will Prime Minister Netanyahu play along?

It didn’t take long before we got the answer.

Netanyahu has insisted for months that the IDF will invade Rafah no matter what the word says. According to many in the know, he is clear about this. Blinken has tried everything to force Bibi into a capitulation, but the Secretary of State continues to come up empty handed. In a closed door meeting, Bibi insisted that the IDF will enter Rafah no matter what.

In a recent interview with American media, Blinken said the following concerning Netanyahu’s insistence that Israel carry out its Rafah operation.

“People say things; let’s focus on what they’re doing, what we’re doing. The most immediate thing, the most urgent thing is seeing in the days ahead what Hamas’s response is to a very strong proposal that’s on the table. Everyone agrees that this is a good deal, and one that would result in, again, an immediate ceasefire, which everyone wants, and getting the hostages home, which everyone should want. That’s where the focus is.”

With Blinken still in Israel, Israel showed that it is serious about Rafah. The IDF shot two missiles into terror hideouts in Rafah. The message is clear, the IDF is coming for Rafah and there is nothing Blinken can do about it.

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